Library Hours and Policies


 Library Hours:
Monday 7:45-3:00 
Tuesday 7:45-3:00 
Wednesday 7:45-3:00 
Thursday 7:45-3:00
Friday 7:45-3:00

You can come to the TEMS LMC every morning starting at 7:45 through the second homeroom bell.  You can also come during a core class with a pass from your teacher.  In some instances, students will ask to come down once they've finished a test or quiz early and have some free time.   You may also have an opportunity to come down as a whole class with a teacher.

Library Policies:

-Check out up to 3 items at a time.
-Check out 1 playaway or magazine at a time.
-Check out a playaway for a  period of TWO weeks and a magazine for ONE week. 
-Check out books for a THREE week period

-Renew all library materials by bringing them to Mrs. Longo in the library media center, unless they are on hold for another patron.

-See Mrs. Longo if you'd like to put a book that is currently checked out on hold.
-Once your hold comes in, I will send an email to your school Gmail account.
-If a book, playaway or magazine is overdue, you will be sent an electronic overdue notice through your school G-mail accountAfter this item is more than two weeks overdue, your parent/guardian will also receive an email.

You are responsible for the replacement cost of any lost or damaged library materials
.  You will be refunded if that item is found. There are no late fees for late books, but please try your best to return them on time.  If you need them for a longer period, please bring your book to the LMC so I can renew it.

Take advantage of TE's Growing Virtual Library (Destiny Discover)

-Additionally, check out up to 3 one to one lending e-Books and/or e-audios for a period of THREE weeks through TE's virtual library, Destiny Discover. (Refer to the "How to Videos," which can be found on this page to learn how to check out this content)

-Please note, chewing gum while in the library media center is not allowed.  Please dispose of your gum in the nearest garbage receptacle when entering the library.  Thank you!

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Come down to the library to ask me or e-mail me at: [email protected]

                                                        Thank you,
                                                                         Mrs. Longo