Math Placement Information

Please see links below for information regarding the Timothy Edwards Middle School Math Program and the placement process for incoming sixth grade students.

Placement Information for Fifth Grade Families
Placement Information for Sixth and Seventh Grade Families

Fifth Grade Conference Math Placement Document
This is a copy of the document that your child's fifth grade teacher will share with you at spring conferences in March and April that will guide the conversation about math placement for sixth grade.

Overview of Sixth Grade Math at Timothy Edwards Middle School
This five minute video has the same information as the February 22, 2024 Grade 5 Family Welcome Night, at Timothy Edwards Middle School. It highlights the math recommendation process and sixth grade math courses.

 Grades 6-12 Math Course Sequences
The above link highlights the most typical math course sequences at South Windsor High School. Frequently asked questions about math courses and the transition to South Windsor High School are also included.

South Windsor High School Math Course Catalog
The above link brings you to a description of all South Windsor High School math courses.