Respecting Creative Work

Once someone records an original idea, it is copyrighted. Copyright is an important law that helps to protect the rights of creators so they receive credit and get paid for their work. Most things you find, download, copy and paste from the internet are copyrighted.

If you aren't careful in how you use other people's work online, you might be stealing. It's great to be able to use things we find online, but you need to do so responsibly by respecting other people's hard work and giving credit where credit is due.

You can use things you find online as long as you:

  1. Check who created it
  2. Get permission to use it
  3. Give credit to the creator
  4. Buy it (if necessary)
  5. Use it responsibly
Attachment  Respecting Creative Work Take a look at this publication from Common Sense Education that provides some background information on vocabulary terms and concepts relating to respecting creative work.



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