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  • Guests- Good morning/Happy Friday- I am often amazed by the students at this school.  I've seen many of you excel academically, on the soccer field, basketball court, portraying lawyers in a mock trial, coming in early Friday mornings to work on really hard math problems, or coming together to help out a family in need.  These are just a few of many examples.  Last evening I attended a concert at SWHS.  It was so nice to see former TEMS students shine on the stage.  But, what I was especially impressed by was the performance of our very own Spotlight Show Choir.  Spotlight students, you danced and sang beautifully.  You were so poised on stage. You made TEMS proud!  Congratulations to all of you!!  Have a great day everyone, do the right thing, do your best and ALWAYS STRIVE FOR FIVE!!  
  • Joke of the Week.Hello TE, Its that time again!!!!! Where does Han Solo keep his cookies?? In a Jar-Jar!!!!!! 

  • Calling all students! Unveil your talents on stage! Be the star for a night! On Thursday, June 7th, the TE PTO will host its annual TE's Got Talent talent show. The show is open to all TE students. If you can sing, dance, juggle, play an instrument- whatever your talent- we want you. Audition forms are now located in the school's main office. 

  • We're back with another addition teachers college history. Today we feature an Associate Principal and an 8th grade teacher. We begin with Mr Clifton. Mr. Clifton attended UCONN and studied Journalism, graduating in 2001. He was a practice player for the UCONN women’s basketball team during the 1999-2000 season and the 1999 intramural 3-point shootout champion. He also worked for the recreation department. Who knew Mr Clifton had hoop skills? Next up is our 8th grade Social Studies teacher Mr. Lowd. Mr. Lowd Majored in English at UCONN. He served as the Vice President of the Living Learning Center, was a Nerf basketball competitor, and a member of the UCONN bike club. So many exciting activities they participated in!!!! We will be back Monday with some more exciting Teacher College Histories.
  • Attention all students interested in trying out for Girls and Boys Track, Softball, or Baseball.  All online forms, physicians note, and $100.00 check are due by Friday March 9th in order to try out for a sport.  If you tryout and are not selected for this years team, your check will be returned.  For additional information please visit the TEMS Athletics page or see Mrs. Hall or Mrs. Custer during the day.  

  • "The literary magazine Out of the Blue will meet after school on Monday February 26 in Ms. Olsen's room 312.  Please be sure to see Ms. Olsen beforehand if you cannot attend.  Also, we would like to give another shout out to Hannah Jacob on Scarlet for her great poetry submissions!  Good job Hannah!  We would love to have art, poetry, written, photography, and other submissions from all TE staff and students!  Remember, you could win a prize!"

  • Today for lunch... In the Create line you can have Scrambled Eggs. In the Grill line you can have Crispy Fish Sticks and in the On the Go line you can have your choice of deli sandwiches. Have a great day, do your best, and remember to always strive for 5!
Posted by dmatchett  On Feb 23, 2018 at 9:30 AM
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