TETV Morning News - Friday, March 22 

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  • Good morning everyone, please stand for the pledge of allegiance. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Please be seated.
  • Welcome back to another edition of TETV Morning News. Today is Friday, March 22.
  • Hey! I’m Nemo! Join us tonight from 6-8 PM on our very own “Under The Sea” Activity Night to find Dory. There will be lots of fun activities including: henna, face paint, a movie in the library and a dance in the cafeteria. Make sure to wear blue to match the theme of the activity night!!! Tickets are ONLY $10 DOLLARS, and VIP TICKETS ARE ONLY $15! With the VIP tickets, you can exclusively sit at the booths, you get a free goodie bag, and a free extra snack. How cool is that!?!?! All of the money will be put towards our goal of buying machines that help kids with Type 1 Diabetes! They found me, now it’s time to find DORY!
  • Calling all future scientists and champions! Did you catch the amazing results from this year's Science Olympiad?! We are thrilled to announce the outstanding achievements of our science Olympiad teams in the recent competition! Our "Purple-Team" brought home an incredible 4th place finish, showcasing their brilliance in everything from Experimental Design to Reach for the Stars! And let's not forget our incredible "White-Team" who secured a fantastic 6th place finish! They wowed the judges with their knowledge in events like Anatomy and Physiology and Microbe Mission!
  • Furthermore, we want to recognize our individual medalists who excelled in their events. Join us in celebrating their success and recognizing their commitment to excellence. Congratulations to Grace Yi, Dahsk Singh (9th grade), Rachel Matthews, Elina Basu, Krish Patel, Gautham Akshantala, Pratyaksha Yadav, Aarna Gupta of the Purple Team!  Congratulations to Saipragna Reddy Madina, Aarna Jaggi, Navya Jayaraj, Ishanvi Mohapatra, Sukrit Kumar, Aadya Fnu, Hrishi Jonnalagadda, Aidan Merlo, Bavisha Krishnan Ramakrishnan (9th grade) Deepshikha Paul (9th grade) of the White Team! We are so incredibly proud of the dedication, teamwork, and scientific minds of all our Science Olympiad participants! This is just the beginning for TE's future scientists! Let's keep pushing the boundaries of innovation!
  • Today, Out of the Blue is so excited to share the artwork of the fabulous Diya Krishna, who made the artwork that is being used for our banner this year!  Please be sure to tell her how awesome it is because Diya loves attention!  And to all members of our TE family, please submit your artwork and writings to Ms. Olsen.  We would love to include you in our magazine.  To all club members, we will meet on Monday after school.
  • We are back with Women’s History Month celebrations. Today we will highlight the amazing accomplishments of Caitlyn Clark. Here is a quick video that details her contributions to the sports world. All month we will feature highlights of Women who made an impact in society. Link to Video
  • Attention baseball players...tryouts for grades 6th and 7th only will take place on Tuesday, March 26th and Wednesday, March 27th from 2:45 to 4:30. 8th Graders Only will tryout on: Monday, April 1st and Wednesday, April 3rd from 2:45 to 4:30. Please see the TE website for more information.
  • Track and Field tryouts will be held the first week of April.  Boys and girls will try out together.  8th grade will be on April 1st, 7th grade on April 3rd and 6th grade on April 4th.  Please make sure you are registered and your physical is up to date.
  • Softball tryouts are going to be held on April 1st, 3rd, and 4th until 4pm.  You can get more information in the main gym or see Mrs. Giaccone.
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