TETV Morning News - Friday, January 19 

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  • Good morning everyone, please stand for the pledge of allegiance. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Please be seated.
  • Welcome back to another edition of TETV Morning News. Today is Friday, January 19. 
  • Hey did you hear, the Dance is TONIGHT!!!! The Snow Ball will be the most exciting night of the year, you won't want to miss out. This is an opportunity to come out and enjoy a night of fun with your friends. The theme for this dance is “An Evening Wearing White”, so wear your best white outfits and come out and shine together. Tickets for the dance will be on sale today in the main lobby. Students interested must fill out the Google Form prior to buying a ticket. Link can be found on the daily news page. Can't wait to see everyone there!
  • The boys basketball team improved their record to 5-3 yesterday knocking off Ellington Middle School 44-18.  The Cougars defense held Ellington to 4 second half points and transition offense helped build the big lead.  The Cougars play east Hartford on Tuesday.
  • Student council will be hosting a rock paper scissors battle from Monday to Friday next week. Every student will start with a purple bead and you will go around and play as many people as you can on your team. If you win you take one of the other persons beads. If you lose you give one of your beads away. Will you be the winner for your team? Team winners will face off live on TETV News in the coming weeks.
  • CougarTHON is back and better than ever this winter, and we’re ready to continue our fundraising for Connecticut Children’s! Friday January 26th, CougarTHON is hosting a PJ day at TE! We will be accepting $1 donations (or more) during homeroom Thursday, January 25th and Friday, January 26th.  All donations will go directly to Connecticut Children’s in their fight to end childhood illness. Whether you bring in a donation or not, please wear PJs to show your support for this amazing cause.
  • Hey, Entertainers! Make sure you check the schedule for next week's rehearsals and meetings. It's posted in the Google Classroom right now! Go on, take a look. See you next week!!
  • Out of the Blue will meet immediately after school on Monday, January 22 in Ms. Olsen's classroom.  Ms. Olsen looks forward to seeing everyone!
  • Auditions for TETV News will be held next Wednesday, Jan 24 afterschool. Students will read through a daily news script off of the teleprompter to audition. See you next Wednesday.
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