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  • Good Morning, I am Rachael Richard, I am a student on Sage team and my honorary pick to recognize for black history month is Eartha Kitt. I chose her because she inspired me.

Starting from a simple life in poverty, she battled her way through life to a great life as a actress, dancer, and singer. She was born on January, 17, 1927, in South Carolina. She was given away by her mother at the age of nine and went to live in Harlem. Quitting high school at age 15, she went to work in a factory in Brooklyn. However, she didn’t have a home. She lived in her friend’s homes and in the subways.

Though, by the 1950’s, she had finally sung and danced her way out of poverty. Now in the spotlight, she performed with Katherine Dunham on a European tour, and also performed solos at a Paris Nightclub. She became the talk of the continent. Orson Welles started calling her, “The most exciting girl in the world.” She also spoke out on hardships and issues. Finally, she took over the final season of the TV series Batman, replacing Julie Newmar. Sadly, on Christmas Day in 2008, she died of colon cancer in her own home in Weston, Connecticut.

As you can see, despite her great deal of hardships, she battled into the spotlight became the talk of the continent and the most exciting person in the world. Please join me in keeping Eartha Kitt’s memory alive today.  

  • We have our TEMS shirts, caps and winter hats.  To make the look complete we need TEMS Socks!  Yes, that's right SOCKS!!  Order your TEMS socks today.  You can order grey and purple or white and purple.  Socks are of great quality and complete with our cougar emblem.  Socks are $12.00 a pair, order forms are in the main office. 
  • Today for lunch... In the Create line you can have French Toast Sticks. In the Grill line you can have Mozzarella Sticks and in the On the Go line you can have your choice of deli sandwiches. Have a great day, do your best, and remember to always strive for 5!


Posted by dmatchett  On Feb 06, 2018 at 12:28 PM
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