TE Morning News - March 13, 2020 
  • Good morning. By now I am sure you are all aware that school will be closing for a couple of weeks because of the Coronavirus.  As I have told many of you before, our very first job as the adults who work in this school is to make sure you are safe and well. School is cancelled for at least two weeks so that we can do just that - keep you safe and well by trying to limit the spread of illness.  Our school will be temporarily closed and given an extra good cleaning, and we will be back in our classes before you know it.  One of the questions that you might have right now is whether or not we will be taking part in our Snow Day Scholars Program.  I am going to come back on the news later today to talk about that. For now, it is important for you to know that you should pack up your Chromebook and charger to take home today.  In fact, you should plan to take home all of your belongings...lunch boxes, sweatshirts, jackets, gym clothes….Your teachers are going to give you some time today to clean out your lockers so you won’t leave anything important behind. So...I will come back on the intercom later today.  Meanwhile we will have our normal Friday, business as usual, and I hope it is a good one for you. Have a great morning.
  • What do you call a belt with a watch on it?  A waist of time!

  • Attention All Yearbook Club members: We will be taking our Yearbook Club Photo Today, right after this morning's announcements in Ms. Gravell's room, 123. Be there right after today's announcement to be included in our Yearbook Club Photo.
  • Orchestra students, please take your instruments home today.

  • Spring sports tryouts have been postponed, check the TE website for further information after next week.

  • Thank you to the 445 students and staff who voted in round 2 of the March Madness Book Bracket! To cast your vote in the second round, go to the LMC page, click on the March Madness Book Bracket link and next on the link for round 3 of voting. The 3rd round of voting ends on Thursday, March 19th. Don’t get left out on the sidelines; make sure you have your say in this year’s March Madness book winner!
  • Today for lunch in the Create line you can have Chicken Potato Bowl, in the Grill line you can have Turkey Cheddar Pretzel Sandwich and in the So Deli line you can have your choice of deli sandwiches. Have a good day and do your best to strive for five!
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