TE Morning News - November 7, 2019 
  • Reader One: Good morning! Tired of drama with your peers or friends? Sick of hearing all of the gossiping? And what about the name-calling, spreading rumors, and/or arguments?Are you feeling left out? Or misunderstood? Experiencing troubles working in a group in class? If you are experiencing any of these problems, coming to Peer Mediation can help! Here’s what you need to do: Fill out a Peer Mediation Request form. Forms are located in most of the team areas, hallways, the main office, or counseling office.They are bright green so you can’t miss them! Deliver the completed form to Mrs. Zalaski in Rm. 211 OR to the main office and it will be placed in her mailbox. Once the form has been turned in, you and the others involved in the issue will receive a pass to come to Peer Mediation during lunch to work things out. Two trained mediators will help you through the process in a calm fashion and guide you to an agreed upon resolution to your conflict. These mediations are completely confidential so you will feel safe. A follow-up meeting will take place about a week after the mediation to insure the agreement is working and all parties are feeling good about the outcome. 
  • MathCounts tomorrow morning.  Be there and bring a friend.  Hope to see you tomorrow morning at MathCounts.

  • No Shave November is in full swing, but no votes have been cast.... Well not to worry, we are beginning voting tomorrow and every Friday morning in the main lobby. Votes are $1 and you can vote for your favorite stache. Votes also enter you into a drawing to win one of three custom TE Movemeber HydroFlasks. So come on down this Friday and purchase your votes,  and you will also receive a sticky mustache to wear and show your support. See you tomorrow morning in the lobby, don't miss out on Mustache Fridays!!

  • All students are invited to participate in this year's AMC-8 Math Test. Students will sit for the test immediately after homeroom on Monday November 18th!   Ask your Math teacher for more information or Join the AMC-8 2019 Google Classroom using code: zaru4gm

  • Attention boys and girls cross country: please return your cleaned and bagged uniforms to Coach Nelson by this tomorrow.  Your name must be on your bag.  Thank you!

  • Attention all 7th and 8th graders: Are you to looking to sharpen up your basketball skills before tryouts...or maybe you just want to get involved in the sport.  Well, come join Mr. Chandler, Mrs. Hall or Mr. S for intramural basketball after school on November 20th, 21st and 25th.  These dates are on late bus days. Registration is only open to the first 32 students who turn in their signed permission packets.  All three forms must be signed and returned to Mr. Chandler by a parent or guardian by November 18th.  Permission packets can be picked up in the boys and girls locker rooms.  Please see Mr. Chandler, Mrs. Hall or Mr. S for more details in the main gym.
  • Good morning TE! This coming Monday, November 11th is Veteran's Day. In honor of our veterans and those who are currently serving in our military, please show your support and thanks by wearing red, white and blue! Also, Wednesday, November 13th is World Kindness Day. In support of showing kindness to others, wear green and blue which are our world colors.
  • Today for lunch in the Create line you can have Chicken Tenders, in the Grill line you can have Chicken Bacon Melt and in the So Deli line can have your choice of deli sandwiches. Have a good day and do your best to strive for five!
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